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Size Load index
& speed symbol
17" 205/50ZR17 93Y
215/45ZR17 91Y
215/50ZR17 91Y
225/45ZR17 91W
225/50ZR17 94W
225/55ZR17 97W
225/55ZR17 101Y
235/45ZR17 97Y
235/55ZR17 99Y
245/45ZR17 95W
255/40ZR17 98Y
18" 225/40ZR18 88Y
225/45ZR18 95W
235/40ZR18 95Y
235/45ZR18 98Y
235/50ZR18 97W
245/40ZR18 93Y
245/45ZR18 96Y
245/50ZR18 100W
245/50ZR18 100Y
255/35ZR18 94Y
255/40ZR18 95Y
255/45ZR18 99Y
19" 235/35ZR19 91Y
245/35ZR19 93Y
245/40ZR19 98Y
245/45ZR19 98Y
255/35ZR19 96Y
255/40ZR19 100Y
275/30ZR19 96Y
275/40ZR19 101Y
275/45ZR19 108Y
285/30ZR19 98Y
20" 245/35ZR20 95Y
245/40ZR20 99Y
255/35ZR20 97Y
275/30ZR20 97Y
275/35ZR20 102Y
275/40ZR20 106Y
285/30ZR20 99Y
22" 265/35ZR22 102Y


Control energy of motion!

SP SPORT МАХХ ТТ model represents a new generation of high-tech DUNLOP tires. It is a successful combination of the latest technical innovations and a series of well time-proved technologies.

Steering control accuracy

Enhanced reaction accuracy is provided by MRT technology (multi-radial tread protection). Traditionally a tread contour is formed by three radii. DUNLOP MRT technology allows to use ten for a detailed working out of each area. As a result, tire reaction accuracy is enhanced and surface contact pressure is more rationally spread. With the change of movement direction the form of contact pattern is changing smoothly thus providing a better steering and handling. Due to a special structure of the tire bead the ruggedness of tire fitting is advanced which provides excellent steering and handling.

Stability at high speed

A new generation of DUNLOP tires has a flat tread contour. This expands the contact area pattern by 4 — 8%, thus increasing car stability at high speed, making handling and steering easier and more predictable.

Asymmetric tread pattern with a variable relative area of larger tread blocks increases cornering stability, aids safe wet and dry road traction and provides aquaplaning resistance.

Safety and reliability

Outstanding car handling and advanced cornering stability is additionally achieved by using an aramid filler in the area of tire fitting to the rim.

Aramid fiber is a synthetic material five times stronger than steel which remains strong over a wide range of temperatures and has a low density. It is widely used in various industrial branches from motorcycling to aerospace industry. This innovation of DUNLOP tires protects them from deformation in case of change of lateral forces and guards from damage and overheating.

DUNLOP SP SPORT МАХХ ТТ tire material includes components widely used in production of sport tires for professional races. In particular, a rubber compound with technical carbon and silicon dioxide nanoparticles, various resins and polymer additives has outstanding traction characteristics as well as increased wear resistance.
A rubber compound with technical carbon and silicon dioxide nanoparticles Advanced wet and dry road traction
Variable relative area of larger tread blocks Shorter length of brake path
Aramid fiber Extended life
Enhances tire lateral part
Increases cornering stability and steering control accuracy