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Size Load index
& speed symbol
13" 175/70R13 82Q
14" 175/65R14 82Q
175/70R14 84Q
185/60R14 82Q
185/65R14 86Q
185/70R14 88Q
195/70R14 91Q
15" 185/55R15 82Q
185/60R15 84Q
185/65R15 88Q
195/55R15 85Q
195/60R15 88Q
195/65R15 91Q
205/60R15 91Q
205/65R15 94Q
205/70R15 96Q
215/65R15 96Q
215/70R15 98Q
16" 185/55R16 83Q
185/60R16 84Q
195/55R16 87Q
205/50R16 87Q
205/55R16 91Q
205/60R16 96Q
205/65R16 95Q
215/55R16 93Q
215/60R16 99Q
215/65R16 98Q
225/55R16 95Q
225/60R16 98Q
17" 205/50R17 93Q
215/45R17 91Q
215/50R17 91Q
215/55R17 98Q
215/60R17 96Q
225/45R17 91Q
225/50R17 98Q
225/55R17 97Q
235/45R17 94Q
18" 225/55R18 98Q
235/45R18 94Q
235/50R18 97Q
245/40R18 97Q
245/50R18 100Q
19" 235/40R19 96Q
245/45R19 98Q
265/35R19 94Q


DUNLOP GRASPIC DS-3 is a conceptually new tire type with outstanding qualities for winter roads. It provides safe and comfortable movement on ice, snow and asphalt.

Innovative rubber tread compound

A special rubber compound developed for DUNLOP GRASPIC DS-3 contains glass fiber, which provides safe tire traction with ice, enveloping all surface irregularities and plunging hard glass fiber particles into them, which act like micro spikes. It creates the impression of a tire “sticking” onto this slippery surface.

Tread design increases car handling and stability

In tread pattern design Japanese engineers applied Digital Rolling Simulation II technology. A lamella system and “three-zone tread contour” were created with its help. It provides an optimum contact area pattern form and pressure distribution in it, allowing DUNLOP GRASPIC DS-3 tire to give the car increased handling and stability.

Wide longitudinal tire grooves are quickly cleared from snow. Thus, the tire makes each new revolution being clean and ready for new ice and snow traction. A special “Miura” lamella form prevents “giving way” of tread blocks, providing safe traction with road surface and excellent wear resistance. Like in all other DUNLOP tires, here there are numerous zigzagged lamellae aimed at strengthening tire traction during acceleration and slow-down on ice and snow. Tread blocks with variable pitch minimize the noise level.

Rubber compound with integrated glass fiber Safe traction with road surface, predictable maneuvering and slow down on ice, snow and asphalt
Optimum tread contour Precise conduct on snow and on asphalt providing maximum safety of the trip
A special “Miura” lamella form Safe road traction and uneven wear resistance
Variable pitch in tread blocks Low noise level