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Buy moto tires DUNLOP SPORTMAX GPR-300

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The responsive handling and comfortable ride stand out on the street.

The all-round Touring Radial is appropriate for streets and winding roads because of dry and wet grip performance and long-life performance are balanced.


А newly developed silica blend is incorporated, ensuring good wet grip performance without losing flexibility on а cold road surface. Abrasion resistance is also high because of the strong bonding force.


2-Cut Breaker structure is incorporated in the front tyre to achieve responsive handling. The rear tyre incorporates HES-JLB and APEX-Iess structures. Rigidity is tuned to enhance shock absorption performance and achieve good ride comfort. Responsive and neutral handling is achieved with the special profile created using C.T.T.


Superior and responsive handling is achieved by tuning pattern rigidity using С.Т.Т. Excellent wet grip performance is achieved using an aquaplaning simulation. The pattern layout was adjusted to enhance abrasion resistance, achieve long service life, and optimize performance drop-off due to abrasion.


A high proportion of silica in the mixture;
Ultradispersed carbon particles;