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Buy moto tires DUNLOP SPORTMAX Qualifier II

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DUNLOP SPORTMAX Qualifier II is an excellent sport radial type tire. These tires are suitable both for closed tracks and open general use roads.

Tire tread

The latest C.T.T. technology (lateral forces optimization at tilting of wheels) was applied. Thanks to this technology it became possible to considerably increase lateral forces appearing at high tilting angle of the front wheel, and at the same time to make the steering control at insignificant tilting angles more precise. The tire tread comprises several rubber compounds. The stronger and more wear-resistant material was used in the central area of the tread, while the softer compound with better grip characteristics was applied in tire shoulder areas. Due to this the tire has excellent wear-resistance and outstanding traction characteristics in cornering.


Front tire has a traditional cross ply breaker providing high precision of steering control. Rear tire uses a solid drawn breaker improving its ability to absorb the shocks and increasing its stability at high speed. In both front and rear tires a nylon carcass is used increasing their ability to absorb shocks. The application of digital modeling technology in tire design has resulted in a wider tread contact pattern and equal pressure distribution in it, and as a result the tire traction with the road surface was considerably improved.


A new special compound was developed for DUNLOP SPORTMAX Qualifier II tires. It comprises heat-resistant additives, submicron carbon solids and silica which provide excellent grip with the road at both the lowest and the highest temperatures.


Three sectors tread;
Lateral forces modeling technology;
A seamless breaker with increased flexibility;
A high proportion of silica in the mixture;
Ultradispersed carbon particles;

A new special compound comprising heat-resistant additives, submicron carbon solids and silica Excellent grip with the road at both the lowest and the highest temperatures
A solid drawn breaker Improves the tire ability to absorb the shocks and increases its stability at high speed
Two rubber compound tire tread Safe traction even during the quickest cornering and high wear-resistance
C.T.T. technology Precise steering control