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Buy moto tires DUNLOP Kabuki D404

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Kabuki D404

Kabuki D404

Feature excellent stability and а perfect match for American models.

Тhе tyres are exclusively for American vehicles. The basic design was handled by DUNLOP US, which produces genuine tyres for Harley.


А special compound is used to achieve both long service life and high grip performance.


Created after а thorough investigation to match major American models. Various structures are incorporated to match both small displacement and large displacement vehicles. The high stability required of American models is achieved.


А pattern that ensures high draining performance is incorporated in the front tyre, placing priority on wet grip. For the rear tyre, the land ratio on the center area was increased to achieve strong traction. High wet grip performance is achieved with grooves that extend from the center to the shoulder area. The wavy grooves, zigzag grooves at the tyre center, control external turbulence caused bу the road surface, achieving excellent straight-line performance.

Serrated central groove Protects from hydroplaning and enhances motorcycle stability