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Size Load index
& speed symbol
15" 215/75R15 100S LT
225/70R15 100T
235/75R15 104S LT
265/70R15 112T
30x9,50R15 104S
31x10,50R15 109S
16" 215/65R16 98H
215/70R16 100T
225/70R16 103T
225/75R16 110S LT
235/60R16 100H
235/85R16 120R LT
245/70R16 111T
245/75R16 114S LT
255/65R16 109H
255/70R16 111T
265/70R16 112T
265/75R16 112S LT
275/70R16 114T
285/75R16 122Q LT
17" 225/65R17 102H
225/70R17 108S
245/65R17 107H
265/65R17 112S
275/65R17 115H
285/65R17 116H P
18" 285/60R18 120H


For DUNLOP GRANDTREK AT3 tires the road is everywhere!

With DUNLOP GRANDTREK АТЗ tires you will make a short cut to your goal. These tires have a perfect combination of all necessary characteristics both for hard-surface roads and off-the-road situations.

Safety and stability on the road

DUNLOP GRANDTREK АТЗ tires have a screening layer or bands (depending on the tire size) over a steel breaker. They help to keep the tread in the optimum shape at high speeds enhancing stability and car handling. Besides, excellent high-speed car handling is also due to a conjunction of the central longitudinal rib with a tread block. Central tread grooves enable safe traction on wet surface and long side grooves enhance hydroplaning resistance.


Two tread blocks are united into one. This provides advanced sound comfort in motion.

Off-road features

Special tread sipes improve traction with soft ground. A special form of shoulder blocks make them very efficient in off-road situations. «LT» marking signifies the tire is a "Light Truck" size. «P» marking signifies the tire is a "P-metric" size that was designed to be fitted on vehicles that are primarily used as passenger vehicles.

Three longitudinal grooves Safe traction with wet surface and high-speed stability
Long oblique grooves Hydroplaning resistance