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Size Load index
& speed symbol
15" 195/80R15 96Q
205/70R15 95Q
215/70R15 98Q
215/80R15 101Q
225/70R15 100Q
235/70R15 103Q
265/70R15 110Q
30x9,50R15 104Q
31x10,50R15 109Q
16" 205/70R16 97Q
215/65R16 98Q
215/70R16 99Q
215/80R16 103Q
225/70R16 102Q
225/75R16 104Q
235/60R16 100Q
235/70R16 105Q
245/70R16 107Q
255/65R16 109Q
255/70R16 109Q
265/70R16 112Q
275/70R16 114Q
17" 225/60R17 99Q
225/65R17 101Q
235/65R17 104Q
245/70R17 110Q
265/65R17 112Q
275/65R17 115Q
18" 225/60R18 100Q
225/65R18 103Q
235/55R18 99Q
285/60R18 116Q
19" 235/55R19 101Q
20" 285/50R20 112Q
21" 265/45R21 104Q


The basis of your confidence on winter road!

Efficiency on ice and snow

Application of Digital Rolling Simulation II technology made it possible to considerably increase DUNLOP GRANDTREK SJ6 efficiency on ice and snow. A special tread pattern provides excellent traction of the tire on snow. An innovative rubber compound containing glass-fiber provides firm traction on ice.

Stability and controllability

Two central tread grooves make snow columns which function as studs; this provides high efficiency by acceleration and slowdown on snow. A wider tread contact area and the glass fiber technology improve traction on ice-covered surface.


Noise and vibration modeling technology made it possible to calculate the optimum tread blocks and grooves arrangement to advance the level of acoustic comfort during motion.

For calculation of tire tread form the technology of modeling of tire contact area load distribution was applied. It helps to achieve the optimum contact area with the road and to provide maximum stability and steering control at high-speed.

Special tread pattern Better traction on snow, a longer operation life
Rubber compound with integrated glass fiber Firm and safe traction on ice-covered surface
Wider contact pattern Improved stability and car handling
Optimum tread blocks arrangement Acoustic comfort