26 мая 2016

Sumitomo Rubber Completes Development of ADVANCED 4D NANO DESIGN

In 2011, Sumitomo Rubber Industries completed the development of our proprietary 4D NANO DESIGN New Materials Development Technology, enabling us to design the materials needed for high-performance tires scientifically and efficiently with high precision at the nano-scale by predicting and freely controlling the structures and properties of rubber materials. Since then, we have made enormous progress in developing new materials for high-performance tires.

Our new ADVANCED 4D NANO DESIGN is able to accurately analyze and simulate rubber and rubber behavior at the molecular scale. However, as the level of performance demanded of tires grows ever higher, 4D NANO DESIGN has reached its limits in terms of rubber analysis precision and the scale of simulations. As a result, we have succeeded for the first time in capturing the heretofore unseen structures and behavior of polymer at the silica interface, the heterogeneity of sulfur crosslinking, the distribution of sulfur crosslinking lengths, the behavior of silica networks and so on.

Scattered points of stress can cause gaps to form among the rubber molecules.

For example, focusing our attention on wear resistance, we found that when conventional rubber is deformed, scattered points of stress can cause gaps to form among the rubber molecules. In response to this finding, we applied our Stress Control Technology to produce rubber with a high degree of control over the types of stress that cause these voids to form, thus making it possible to suppress the formation of voids while at the same time also controlling the generation of waste heat. Thus, we have succeeded in developing rubber that achieves an enormous improvement in wear resistance while maintaining high fuel-efficiency and wet grip performance.

Now, we have produced our Tire with Wear-Resistant Max Tread Rubber as a concept tire to demonstrate the capabilities of Stress Control Technology. Using our new ADVANCED 4D NANO DESIGN, Sumitomo Rubber Industries will further increase the pace of our development of new materials as we continue to provide our customers with environmentally friendly high-performance tires at reasonable prices.